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Are you in need of an online web page but can’t afford one? We will provide you with a free custom web page for your small business or personal needs. We are making this offer to Realtors, Business Owners, Promoters, and anyone else in Palm Beach County we can help, so contact us now!

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What we offer:
Free Web Page (
Free Hosting and Custom Design
Free Updating
Free Online Marketing (social media sharing options)

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SNB Tag & Title Document Preparation


About SNB Tag & Title Document Preparation:
We have over 7 years of Tag and Title Document Preparation knowledge, Friendly Staff. Let us take the guess work out of the paperwork, don’t stress out let us handle filling out any and all necessary DMV forms.

SNB Tag Title


Contact Information:
Phone: 561.906.2318
Social Media: LinkedIn



SNB Tag & Title Document Preparation Services Offered:

1.) Anyone moving to Florida from Out of State
2.) Purchase of a vehicle through private sale
3.) Document Preparation- To complete any and necessary forms that will be required by DMV/Tax Collector office.

**Please note, Notary and Walk In Services are not available at this time, but will be soon. Also, the fee for using SNB Tag & Title will vary depending on the type of work that is being reviewed.**

Scheduling Appointments and Expectations:

We are currently working on appointments all only, we come to you and pick up that forms to be completed and they are returned the next business day.

Items to accompany the forms:

1.) Copy of Drivers License
2.) Copy of Insurance showing current vehicle
3.) Copy of either your registration of plate, if transferring a plate


We are accepting all Major Credits or Checks or Cash does not own or represent SNB Tag & Title Document Preparation.  This webpage is provided free for informational purposes only.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you are interested in getting your own free webpage, please contact us.

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Some people rap like they’re from the hood and have been through the struggle but never experience what real struggle is. Campane was recently released from State Prison after a being locked up for five years. Being a single father, not be able to watch his daughter be born and support her, growing up without a father in a household watching his mother struggle has taken his motivation to a different level. The five years he spent in prison was a constant grind of writing music to ease the pain. The promise he made to his mother and daughter that the struggle will end is the driving force behind his grind. Campane is a storyteller that can make an average story great, and a great story unforgettable. C.M.G Communist Gang #561

For Booking information please email

CAMPANE Photos, Videos and Promotions:




Young Thug





Follow CAMPANE on Facebook does not own or represent CAMPANE.  This webpage is provided free for informational purposes only.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.  If you are interested in getting your own free webpage, please contact us.

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Dubliner Irish Pub Boca Raton


The Dubliner or “The Dub” as the locals call it is one of the best casual dining locations in Mizner Park and maybe all of Boca Raton. You can expect excellent service, maybe even over attentive at times. The potato pancakes and the Guinness Mac and Cheese are to die for, not to mention the great live music, authentic food and atmosphere. Of course the beer is one of the biggest draws to this Irish Pub. The Dubliner Boca Raton at Mizner Park caters to all crowds, young and old. They have seating at the bar, tables inside and tables outside. At Mizner Park, sitting outside and people watching is as much fun as sitting inside and watching the crowds. The Dubliner Boca Raton does get pretty busy later into the night and especially on the weekend.

Address: 435 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone: (561) 620-2540

Dubliner Irish Pub

Dubliner Irish Pub

Dubliner Irish Pub Happy Hour

Happy Hour is Monday through Friday Half-off Drinks from 5-7pm, $5 Fare from 4-6pm. During the $5 Happy Hour Fare you can choose from a slew of Dubliner favorites for just $5 (Irish Fondue, Honey Baked Brie, Cheese Board, Smoked Salmon Fish Dip, Chicken Drums, Boxty Pancakes, Scotch Eggs, Mini McMac & Cheese, all of the Sliders and Prince Edward Edward Mussels).

In typical Irish Pub fashion, you can expect to see the women in short shorts and tops. The noise level inside is surprisingly good even during busy hours. The bar is excellent and looks good too. The manager or owner (not sure) is always on hand to assist as needed. Parking at Mizner Park on concert nights can be tough, but then again if you are going to the Dubliner Irish Pub (for drinks presumably) you should probably take a cab! The restrooms may be the biggest disappointment! For a bar, you would expect more than one stall. If you need to use the restroom at the Dubliner you will find a line wrapped about the kitchen (another unusual aspect). Overall, great local spot, above average food, great bar, live music, awesome beer selection and the staff are excellent.

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iPic Boca Raton Mizner Park Theater


The iPic Boca Theater is an upscale movie theater experience with gourmet food and drinks. Where else in Palm Beach County can you get comfortable seating, great food and respectable movie theater goers while still afford the cost of entry. The movie theater is located in Mizner Park, close to Florida Atlantic University, and does sell out quickly so advanced ticket purchase is recommended. You can purchase iPic Mizner tickets online and never miss a show!

Address: 301 Plaza Real, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone: (561) 299-3000

iPic Boca Raton

iPic Boca Raton

iPic Boca Raton Review

Mizner Park offers several parking options from on the street to multiple parking garages. There is a parking garage that is connected to the iPic Boca Raton and offers direct access. Also, the iPic Boca has valet parking available, complementary to Lexus vehicles, and minimal cost to others. Mizner Park does have several concert events (at the other end of the park in the amphitheater) that fill up many of the parking garages quickly. The movie going experience is excellent, but parking can be difficult to fine during concert events so you may want to avoid on those days.

iPic Boca Raton Experience:
When you enter the iPic Boca Raton you will find the reception desk to have a concierge service feel. You may take the elevators or escalators upstairs to the theater(s). There is a restaurant/bar area downstairs for your enjoyment pre or post movie called the Tanzy Restaurant. If you wish to pick up your food and beverage yourself, there is a Tanzy Express upstairs. The iPic Boca menu is the same at the restaurant and express. The seating in the iPic Boca Raton movie theater is separated by premium and premium plus. If you are seated in premium you get luxury leather seating, very spacious, and the option to purchase and bring in your food and drinks from the Tanzy express. Note: The first row is typically not as good as the other rows as you have to look up a bit and it can be a strain on your neck. We recommend the second row seating for premium seating. In premium plus seating, your food and drinks are served to you before and during the movie. You also have the opportunity to sit in seats that recline and pillows as well as blankets are offered. The premium seating is $10 less than the premium plus. Because the iPic theater is smaller, you will get a more intimate experience with less of the rowdy crowds that you can expect at the other local movie theaters.

Overall, you will not find a finer movie going experience in Palm Beach County. At the iPic Boca Raton the staff service, atmosphere (see photo) and seating are top notch. There are several other restaurants in Mizner Park if you chose not to eat at Tanzy, but why wouldn’t you try this one of a kind experience at the iPic Boca Raton! We highly recommend visiting the iPic Mizner Park in Boca Raton.

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